(A role-playing game where you must find samurais and loot sweet gear)

---how to play---

Puzzle game where you throw dices to beat the samurais.

  • To begin the game press "find samuri" 
  • You and your enemy will throw each 3 dices to determine how many dices you have to play with.
  • Each match will last for 4 turns, current turn will been show in top center of the view. 
  • Your dices will be shown in the bottom left corner
  • By pressing on the dices you will pick them up, and by hitting the roll button you will throw them in your tray(button left corner) your opponent tray and dices will be shown in the upper right corner.
  • By pressing the roll button the next turn will start.
  • To beat your opponent you will have to  score the most at the end of turn 4, score is shown in the middle. The right one is yours(with the samurai showing his back). The Enemy score is shown to the left with the samurai facing you. 
  • Once you beat your opponent you gain he's item
  • You can select your item by clicking on it(will be shown above your dices in the bottom left corner). Your current selected item will be shown to the right of the roll button, unequipped current item by clicking on it. 
  • If you are beatan press retry to gain dice boost, and also all your items you gain will be kept.


*Some items will affect dice value

*Some items will affect game mechanics

*You dont have to throw dices every turn

*Read event for hints

Made withPhaser

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